Who would use an Easy Reach Lotion Applicator?

Anyone who has to put something on their skin and they can't reach or they don't want to handle the substance eg. medications, oils, fake tan


What sort of businesses sell Easy Reach?

Dermatologists, sun care stores, beach shops, podiatrists, pharmacies, drugstores, beauty and tanning salons, travel industry, aged care and mobility stores. 


How often should the sponges be replaced?

It depends on what you put on them and how often you use them. Just like your kitchen sponge, wash them, let them dry and replace them when you feel they are no longer hygienic. 


 How long does the Easy Reach Lotion Applicator last?

Again, this depends on how and how often it is used. If it is used often with a lot of strong pressure, it can be broken, but not easily. It is a cost-effective, convenient and lightweight plastic item, like a toothbrush. Although robust and designed and tested for the purpose of spreading lotion, it is not designed to last a lifetime. We believe the price point reflects expected use, with the sponge replacements extending the time frame for hygienic use. In fact, we believe this to be good value, while similar products in the same price range are often fully replaced due to hygiene or mould issues, The Easy Reach Lotion Applicator allows for parts only replacement for much longer.


Where so you sell / ship?

We sell globally but only shipping to Australia is currently processed through the website. International sales and shipping through this website are coming soon, but in the meantime, please contact us for a quote.